Sunday, October 28, 2007

Have an idea but cannot locate a Domestic/Int'l Manufacturer!

· How to start a business - we'll guide you.
· Have a product but cannot find a manufacturer?
· Want personalized product line(s) ?
· Want to eliminate middlemen?
Deal directly with the manufac­turers.
· Looking for a foreign (Interna­tional) Business joint venture ?
· Need copyrights and patents?
We can assist you.
· Have tax problems - our ex­perts will assist you.
· Need to know more about taxes, loopholes and shelters?
· Financial and tax secrets.
· The IRS and you.
· Need bookkeeping?
· Need electronic typesetting, graphics, or other color print­ing services ?

*** Miketex Group Corporation maintains connections world­wide including Asia, Western Europe, and Africa. ***

Working for your interest (business developers and consultants)
1 (800) 688-6MGC

MGC was founded to provide, develop, manage and procure businesses worldwide. Its function consists of assisting other busi­nesses locally, nationally, and internationally in all possible phases of troubleshooting.
These services include - finance pack­aging, business report packaging, advice on ways to obtain free and unconditional busi­ness general assistance.
If you have a desire to start a business but are lacking information or knowledge on how - we will help you to evaluate, select, register and advise on how to seek contracts and make contacts for your business. Many Fortune 500 companies have various services and contracts for minority and small busi­nesses. We will show you how to obtain free financial help from SBA or Inner City Business Councils to research and develop your market.
If you have a product - we can locate manu­facturers for your products (expertise in Asian and West European markets and in Africa - if you so desire) worldwide. Your product will be manufactured free but may require that you order in large quantity. Your product could also be personalized.
MGC will also assist to eliminate middle­men as a result of direct contact with manufac­turers. This will cut overhead costs and exces­sive mark-ups and you will be able to make more profit. We will show you how to import or export goods. Our intent is to also guide you in the successful running of your company. This includes assistance in obtaining copy­rights and patents for your products. We can also assist in the setting up of a new business, right down to the selection of a name which will enhance your company's image and in­crease its recognition.
We will show you how to incorporate without a lawyer, and we'll discuss the differ­ences and benefits of incorporation rather than proprietorship. We can arrange joint ventures or franchising within the global market. We can also help, if necessary, with both business and personal taxes and bookkeeping. Our highly qualified Certified Public Accountants will as­sist you.
We offer electronic typesetting, graphics, and four color printing capability in order to assist you in rapidly preparing your business literature.
You are your own motivator- so why don't you contact us today?
The call is toll free: 1 (800) 688-6MGC or contact us:

-I Business Planning Consultants I­ MGC provides:
Market Analysis Fiscal Management
Small Business Management
Investment Opportunities
New Business Development
We guide you with effective planning, so your business can survive competition and a fluctuating economy.
ITrade Seminars IMGC provides:
Exposure for new products Import/Export procedures
International Products
Domestic Products
Business Management Entrepreneurship
For small business owners who need help determining their profit potentiaL

ITrends in Consulting I
Aiding in new-product and market development.
Helping business clients decide which business program or package is most profitable.
Consulting to help clients make full, flexible, effective use of new business innovations.
Training and/ or helping others to use their skills and talents.
Evaluation of import/ export potential.
Provide clients with all available infor­mation establishing the demand for client's products; licensing regulations, trademarks and patents, customs and insurance documentation.

contact us:
(248) 736-0533/(313) 805-2347

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